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Will The Rose Gold Artistic Stainless Steel Decorative Strips Fade?


Rose gold artistic stainless steel decorative strip is a kind of refined stainless steel product. The appearance is rose gold color and bright color. It is very suitable for making jewelry. Therefore, it has been ignorant by many people, especially in some hotels and public places. It is inseparable, but there are still some people worry about whether the color of the surface of this screen will fade? Nowadays, stainless steel materials also have colorful colors, and rose gold is one of them. During use, will it be Fading occurs.

In fact, the key to the fading of rose gold artistic stainless steel decorative strips is the production process. A good production process will not fade; the fading problem is mainly related to the material of the stainless steel decorative strips and the vacuum plating technology. Rose gold is a common color in vacuum electroplating. Titanium plating has its own process.

The required screen time for the titanium plating furnace should not be less than 30 minutes. Titanium material To reach the national A-level standard, and the material we use is mainly 304 stainless steel, it will not fade for decades! Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to that when making rose gold artistic stainless steel decorative strips, it must be welded and polished, and then vacuum electroplated. If you directly weld the rose gold stainless steel decorative strips, it will definitely change color, because there is a kind of surface on the surface. Titanium material will change its characteristics when exposed to ultra-high temperature.

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