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What is the hot sale style of stainless steel trim strip?
What is the hot sale style of stainless steel trim strip?

As is known to all, Stainless steel decorative trim strip is a kind of building materials which is very popular and have more advantages than aluminum decoration, PVC decorative article because of its good materials and properties. What’s more, 304 Stainless steel decorative materials holds the largest market share among 201 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel due to its appropriate price and properties. 304 stainless steel trim strip is definitely the most popular styles with more favorable price compare to 316 stainless steel trim strip and better quality compare to 201 stainless steel trim strip.

304 Stainless steel decoration are mainly divided into Stainless steel U shaped trim strip, Stainless steel L shaped trim strip,C shaped Stainless steel trim strip, Stainless steel T shaped trim strip, Stainless steel tile trim, Stainless steel stair nosing Stainless steel skirting board and Stainless steel decorative flat strip.

The most commonly used colors of these shapes are mirror and brushed surface. These shapes are the hot selling products with two colors respectively, which are widely used in the stainless steel decoration of hotels, KTV, various projects and deeply favored by people!

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