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What Are The Uses Of Stainless Steel Trim?

1604390264-Stainless Steel Decorative U Shape Trim

Decorative lines can be divided into seven categories: ordinary wood lines; wood carving lines; Italian decorative lines; aluminum watch gold trim; stainless steel decorative trim; decorative plaster lines; plastic decorative lines. Mainly used for hotel decoration, meeting room decoration, KTV decoration, office decoration, home decoration, different customers can choose their own decoration style according to their needs.

  1. The stainless steel molding has a smooth cutting surface, good processing performance, paintability, good adhesion, mechanical processing or manual processing. It should have a smooth surface, edges and arcs should be straight and well-defined, and must not be twisted or bent diagonally. The decorative line can be processed into various colors and natural colors, and bend into various arcs.
  2. Uses: The use of stainless steel decorative lines in interior decoration projects is very extensive, mainly in the following aspects: ceiling line edge sealing at different edges of the ceiling, sealing at the seams of different ceiling materials, and molding lines on the ceiling plane , The edge of the ceiling device seals the ceiling corner line-the edge of the junction between the ceiling and the wall and the ceiling and the cylinder.
  3. The edge of the wall line is sealed at the junction of different levels on the wall, and the seam of the surface of different materials on the wall is sealed, wall skirt pressing, skirting board pressing, equipment edge decoration, wall decoration material pressing line, wall Decorative molding line. Shape, decorative partition wall; closing lines and decorative lines on the screen. As well as stainless steel decorative lines for various furniture.
  4. The installation of stainless steel decorative lines is mainly divided into wall installation and top surface installation. The installation on the wall is relatively simple, while the installation of the stainless steel wire on the top surface is more complicated. A complete process is required to ensure the effect.
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