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Use range of Stainless steel decorative trim

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Stainless steel tile trim Stainless steel wall decorration

On the one hand, the decorative lines play the role of cutting, making the furniture seamlessly connected with the wall; On the other hand, they play the role of decoration, highlighting the style and appearance of the furniture and enhancing its decorativeness.

The decorative lines are mainly used for mirror lines, various edge trimming, beading, door decorations, sofa background walls, stairs, ceilings, corner lines, etc. The appearance is flat line, carved corner line board, wire plate corner, etc.

The stainless steel line corners have smooth arc surfaces and straight lines, which can effectively ensure that the wrapping edges are straight and straight, making the decorative corners more three-dimensional. The stainless steel line has stable performance, is not affected by any climatic conditions, has excellent collision resistance, and can be decorated to an ideal angle according to the design requirements.

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