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The Stainless Steel Decorative Lines Can Be Decorated With An Ideal Angle According To The Design Requirements!

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Stainless steel decorative lines can be seen on many occasions in our lives. According to the material, they can be divided into five categories: wooden lines, aluminum alloy lines, stainless steel decorative lines, stone lines and plastic decorative lines. Compared with other material lines, stainless steel lines have the advantages of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, non-bleeding, non-fading, durable, long service life, good metal luster, and high-end decoration effects. They are the mainstream of line decoration at current prices. product. Stainless steel lines are widely used in high-level decoration of shopping malls, buildings, supermarkets, shops, high-level clubs, KTV, nightclubs, large hotels, interiors, kitchens, living rooms and other high-level floor decorations such as closing, closing, fixing, connecting, transitioning, relying and other decorative realms.

On the one hand, the stainless steel decorative lines play the role of closing the mouth and seamlessly connect the furniture and the wall; on the other hand, they play the role of decoration and beauty, highlighting the style and appearance of the furniture, and enhancing its decoration. Decorative lines are mainly used for mirror lines, various edges, beading, curtain boxes, door trims, TV background walls, sofa background walls, stairs, ceilings, corners, etc. The shapes are flat, semicircular, and carved corner panels. , Plain corner line board, line board corner, etc. The curved surface of the stainless steel line corners is smooth, and the lines are straight, which can effectively ensure the straightness of the corners and make the decorative corners more three-dimensional. The stainless steel line has stable performance and is not affected by any weather conditions. It has excellent anti-collision properties and can be decorated with an ideal angle according to the design requirements.

Color stainless steel decorative lines are an important part of high-end stainless steel decoration. It can not only embellish decoration, but more importantly, cover up the ground and wall gaps, remove blemishes, and enhance the integrity of the decoration. It is usually processed by drawing or mirror colored stainless steel. After professional cutting, grooving, folding, grinding, welding and other processes, it is made into various stainless steel decorative lines. The product structure is solid, durable, not easy to scale, and not easy to grow. Rust, easy to clean, is a one-time investment. The stainless steel decorative strip has the luster and texture of metal. Stainless steel decorative lines are not easy to rust and can maintain the initial decorative effect for a long time.

As the polished stainless steel has a mirror-like effect, it is more brilliant and luxurious, especially through the reflection effect of the stainless steel mirror surface, it can produce a radiant effect with various colors and scenery in the surrounding environment. Utilizing its strong ability to reflect light, with the cooperation of lights, it can also form crystal clear and bright highlights, which helps to form the center of interest and attention in the space environment. Compared with aluminum alloy ornaments, stainless steel decorative lines have higher strength and hardness, and are not easily deformed during construction and use.

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