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The Simple And Smooth Stainless Steel Lines Give People Unlimited Reverie!

The so-called new Chinese style is not limited to traditional Chinese elements, but integrates modern features on the basis of classics, organically unites the two, and forms the style we want to talk about today-light luxury.

The designer takes "picturesque mountains and rivers, ridges and greens" as the design inspiration, fusion of traditional and modern, Eastern and Western cultural elements, interprets the quality and fun of the ideal life of the owner, and creates a comfortable space with humanity and Zen.

The connecting design of the guest restaurant gives people a feeling of spacious space, with the north and south transparent. The horizontal axis runs through the entire space, the functional areas are neatly divided, and the lights and shadows on the corridors are rendered, presenting a flowing and rhythmic beauty. The stainless steel lines are simple and smooth, and the use and collision of different materials highlights the unique texture and beauty of the new Chinese style.

The elements of "mountain" are embellished, cleverly integrated into furniture such as screens, chandeliers, tables, etc., giving the space a vague and distant artistic conception. The design of the master bedroom space presents a simple and elegant aesthetic temperament. The background wall uses white and gray as the main color, navy blue and ink are rendered, which naturally outlines a bit of agility and rhythm, giving people unlimited reverie.

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