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The Main Points Of The Inspection Of The Base Surface Of The Joint Of The Stainless Steel Decorative Strip!

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See if the base surface is firmly fixed. If there are unevenness at the seam, you should find the cause of the uneven base surface, and then strengthen and correct it in time.The various stainless steel trim have their own installation methods; The closing position should be far away from people's line of sight and placed in an inconspicuous position indoors.In particular, the very obvious stainless steel trim at the interface should pay attention to the location .

First fix a wooden lining with round nails at the closing position. The width and thickness of the wooden lining are slightly smaller than the inner diameter of stainless steel. The inner concave needs to be under the groove, the line is lined with glass glue or silicone to embed in the groove, and the outer convex needs to be under the wooden strip to buckle the stainless steel trim.

Then apply epoxy resin glue on the wooden lining strip, apply epoxy resin in the stainless steel strip groove, and then install the line on the wooden lining strip.

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