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The installation of stainless steel lines on the ceiling is popular as elevator decoration
The installation of stainless steel lines on the ceiling is popular as elevator decoration

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with stainless steel lines. From our daily life to work and life, we can see the figure of stainless steel door cover, which is unknowingly affecting our lives.

  Stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless and acid-resistant steel. People are used to calling stainless steels that are resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water, or have stainless steel. Stainless steel with many advantages is widely used in people's daily life.

   In recent years, elevator car decoration materials are slowly becoming popular. There are many decorative materials for elevator car hall doors, but in terms of durability and decorative aesthetics, stainless steel decorative panels are a good choice. Now some large hotels and hotels, as well as some private high-end villas, have abandoned the traditional elevator decorative panels and replaced them with stainless steel elevator door decorative panels.

Stainless steel is mainly used in elevator car decoration, ceiling, car door and hall door, door cover, floor display, control panel and handrail, etc.; used in escalator skirt and inner and outer cover, step, entrance and exit end cover and outside of escalator Decoration package.

   There are great differences in the materials used among elevator manufacturers. The use of whole plates or composites, the thickness differences are also large, and the types of ladder configurations are also different. For example, the first floor hall door of residential elevators is stainless steel, and each floor of commercial elevators uses stainless steel.

Clubhouses are usually places where high-end people gather. These people basically have the pursuit of details and beauty. The stainless steel ceiling line is a common decoration in the clubhouse, whether it is the overall aesthetics or the match with the clubhouse decoration environment Harmony and details are very demanding. These are the basic requirements for a manufacturer. Every detail of the genuine stainless steel skirting must be paid attention to, especially in the final fixed installation. If the fixing is not good, it is easy to cause the skirting line to tilt or even fall, which is very dangerous. Therefore, we must not only ensure the beauty of the stainless steel skirting of the clubhouse, but also ensure that it is firmly and securely fixed. Picture of clubhouse stainless steel skirting line.

How to fix the clubhouse stainless steel skirting line more safely :

  1. Must be constructed according to the design drawings, and the material specifications, varieties and colors selected should meet the design and installation requirements.  
  2. Up to now, surveying the construction environment is the most important thing. The main purpose of surveying the construction environment is to measure the site size and analyze the site installation conditions. 
  3. Record the position of the base and the ceiling, the accurate distance between up and down, the specific installation position, etc. to customize the final construction plan.
  4. During installation, according to the construction drawings, release the skirting line position control line on the indoor floor, and lead the skirting line position line to the side wall and ceiling position. The installation position of the fixing parts should be ejected when the line is springed.
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