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Teach You To Pick Stainless Steel Trim!


With the continuous and novel application of stainless steel trim in various places, Kuanyu Stainless has received more and more consultations on steel trim. Considering the various needs of different issues, the editor made a summary of the following points:

  1. On-site decoration style. If you want to highlight the color tone and style of the villa, you can choose black gold stainless steel strips. The color is extremely deep, which corresponds to the black and white of the light, and shows a more classical style; the style can be selected with traditional colors. Chinese-style steel trimlook like curtains from a distance, but changeable when viewed from a close distance. The choice of hotel is different, especially the hotel lobby. To highlight the high-end atmosphere of the hotel, you must choose bright rose gold or yellow bronze. The style can choose Chinese lattice or the symbol of wealth. Violet stainless steel trim, this style can bring out the luxury of the hotel.
  2. Accounting cost. If the customer has a very high positioning of the hotel, he will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to create the hotel style. You can choose a mirror-like mirror-like surface full of welded steel trim, which has a very good reflective effect and can highlight the high-end decoration and fine craftsmanship. If you only need to achieve the decorative style, you can order spot welding or full welding wire drawing stainless steel trim, and the cost is low. The steeltrimof the two processes are mostly drawn with full-welded stainless steel bars, and the mirror-surface full-welded steel bars, due to the long labor time and high cost, the current production volume of this type of steel bar process is relatively small.
  3. The project completion period. Customers who want to install on-site in a hurry, and the hotel opens, can choose Chinese steel trimthat do not require line cutting or laser hollow steel trim. Here is a brief introduction to the processing cycle. For any type of welded steel trim, the shortest process time required is 10 days. The Chinese steel bar is relatively simple in process, it takes about 10 time, processing and transportation, the time is about 13 days . Laser engraved steel bars can be shipped in only 5 days, saving a lot of time, and the style is relatively flexible. You can choose Chinese steel trimpatterns, European style lines or flower shapes, and you can choose directly on the website The graphics can be processed.

I believe that after reading the above points, everyone will have a deeper and deeper understanding of stainless steel trim. For more questions, please consult Kuanyu Stainless Steel. We will answer you at any time by the color stainless steel customization experts around you.

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