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KUANYU STAINLESS Offer Stainless Steel Corner Services


Stainless Steel Trim Molding, Stainless Steel Corner Trim

KUANYU STAINLESS is a main agency which provide wide variety of chrome steel trim moulding. We've a massive on-line source of sheet metals as well as fantastic customer support - an artist's or decorator's dream for chrome steel, copper, brass, decorative metals, foils and even aluminium diamond plate now to be had in multiple shades.

We also contains an extensive line of textured and Stainless Steel Trim Molding along with magnetic and mirror end stainless. We additionally carry an array of various foils to help with the smallest of tasks. Our trims provide your stainless-steel project a professional look and finish. Use these on your kitchen returned splash installations too. We produce a variety of metallic components and add-ons for some of complicated industrial applications.

Our wide variety of prepared era method we are prepared to tackle initiatives requiring laser-reducing, punching, forming, shearing, slicing, threading, robotic welding, and meeting. We are a collection of people and families who proportion our lives in every manner. We are capable of behaviour and proportion our lives in a way that allows us to exceed in our business ventures. Our huge variety of equipped technology way we're ready to tackle projects requiring Stainless Steel Corner Trim punching, forming, shearing, reducing, threading, welding, meeting, delivery and freight prep.

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    Hello, dear sir/madam, welcome to our website! I’m jack,May we know which product you need?(Stainless steel U/L/T trim、Tile edge profile trim、Skirting、Non slip strips、Colored decorative pipe)?