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Stainless Steel trim Installation Method


1) The installation of stainless steel trim and copper trim retracting wire adopts the closing method without nails on the surface. The process method:

① Fix a wooden lining strip at the four receiving positions with nails. The width and thickness of the wooden lining strip are slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the stainless steel or copper line groove.

②Put the epoxy resin glue on the Kimura strip.

Remove the epoxy resin in the stainless steel strip groove, and then clamp the line on the wood strip.

③If the stainless steel trim has a shape, the wood should also be shaped.

(2) The surface of the stainless steel trim letter is generally pasted with a protective layer of plastic tape. The plastic tape should be applied to the decorative surface.

After finishing the work, tear it off from the stainless steel line groove. If there is no protective layer of plastic tape on the surface of the line groove, it is necessary to map the installation method of stainless steel line before construction to avoid damage to the line surface during construction.


(3) The stainless steel system and the copper line are aligned at the corners, and the application is used. The cut should be on the angle fixer and cut with a steel saw blade, and be careful not to damage the surface during the cutting operation.

(4) The cutting operation of stainless steel and copper lines shall not use a grinding wheel cutting machine to prevent discoloration after heating. The cut splicing surface shall be smoothed with mixed files.

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