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Stainless Steel Trim Carry The Beauty Of The East


Speaking of the traditional East, one would think of classical furniture, which is very charming and beautiful. The beauty of oriental furniture is actually mainly reflected in art and form. Art, craftsmen’s greatest wisdom for history is to follow the trend and conform to the laws of society and nature.

Therefore, stainless steel strips are born. The inheritance of furniture for hundreds of thousands of years has made stainless steel trim a craft, and craftsmanship has become an art.

To express a situation, such as a stainless steel trim, a state of seemingly separated is particularly fascinating, it is a kind of hazy distance. Look at it, the main body is a frame structure, each frame is interwoven and connected by vertical bars and diagonal bars, and the remaining positions are completely empty, that is, "blank", making the steel trim appear very transparent.

The transition between horizontal and vertical is based on the essence of the “turn and turn” in calligraphy, and every node fits the “stop” of the calligraphy pen and appears solid and powerful.

It can also be seen as a design concept used to embody the "Oriental muscles and bones". Ancient Chinese literati put particular emphasis on "vitality" and focused on internal temperament, which is the difference between "muscles and bones" and "skin". Stainless steel strips just show this, modern craftsmanship creates a variety of "skins" and modifies the essential steel and iron bones.

Just like traditional calligraphy, it not only pays attention to the movement of clouds and flowing water, but also pays more attention to the clattering brushwork contained in it.

We are used to setting our own lifestyle and decorating our home in the style of others. Whether it is a large-scale public place or a private villa, imitating the foreign model is flashy... Maybe we can return to the original point and have the feelings of life that belong to the Chinese people. For example: In cities, the relationship between people and space is very close.

When a person is sticky to furniture and utensils, he can truly settle down and start his life, and can quietly settle down in his home. But it's not about what is the right way of furniture, home is about placing their own emotions in the noisy. Stainless steel trim love traditional culture and do not reject modern life. Everyone can find their own balance between the two.

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