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Stainless Steel Tile Edge Trim For Interior Wall And Ceilings
Stainless Steel Tile Edge Trim For Interior Wall And Ceilings

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The construction and paving of stainless tile trim is not just a technical work, and also a very particular craft. KUANYU Stainless Steel counts as one of professional stainless steel tile trim manufacturers from China, here let's share some of knowledge about stainless steel tile trim for interior wall and ceilings.

The stainless steel tile edge trim and the ceramic tile fit exactly, and the various cold corners that exist can be well concealed and covered. Using stainless steel tile edge trim to close the corners of the ceramic tiles, which can distinguish the space lines and allow them to take full advantage of their own product functions.

Features of stainless steel tile edge trim:
1. Use high-quality stainless steel material, durable and not deformed.
2. Environmental protection, non-toxic, no formaldehyde, can be installed and used directly.
3. It will not be deformed due to the temperature difference of the floor heating, high and low temperature resistance, and high hardness.
4. The decoration is beautiful and bright. The straight lines make the decorative corners more three-dimensional.

Specification of stainless steel tile edging:
Stainless steel tile trims are different from other edge trims. They are not in stock. They are all customized according to actual requirements. Just like cabinets, they need to be tailor-made. Generally, its specifications are a right-angle folded order.

Commonly used stainless steel tile trim:

  • stainless steel tile trim 8mm
  • stainless steel tile trim 20mm
  • brushed steel tile trim 10mm
  • stainless steel tile trim 12mm

Tile trim stainless price
Tile trim stainless price generally ranges from 3 yuan per linear meter to 10 yuan per linear meter, depending on what specification and color you use. Stainless steel decorative trim comes with various colors in its surface widely used as building decorative material. Common colors are titanium gold, silver, rose gold, black and so on.

Stainless steel tile trim manufacturer

KUANYU Stainless Steel is an innovative enterprise specializing in the production of decorative materials, who focuses on Stainless steel U/L/T trim、Tile edge profile trim、Skirting、Non slip strips、Colored decorative pipe stainless steel, Stainless steel decorative trim. For our fine workmanship and perfect service, our stainless steel tile edge trim is well received by domestic and foreign building decorative companies.



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