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How to install stainless steel tile trimming strip
How to install stainless steel tile trimming strip

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First of all, you need to make a primer. The primer does not have to be a wooden square. You can determine the primer size according to the size of your line. Then use a silicone card to U-shaped stainless steel. Generally, the side where the stainless steel is exposed should be folded. Come out a little more eye-catching. Note that the ordinary strips are made of multi-layer boards to make the bottom, glue on the floor, and then directly buckle up the stainless steel. When the stainless steel is pressed, the back pressure is less than 90 degrees, so that the floor is effectively stuck, and finally hit on both sides Glass plastic edge.

Installation method of stainless steel tile trimming strip:
1. First check whether the wall is solid and cannot be installed on the hollow wall, because the hollow wall has insufficient tensile force and will rot if not used. 2. According to the selected hole position, punch holes on the wall with an impact drill, install the expansion tube in the wall hanging fitting into the hole, and then use the self-tapping screws to lock the main cabinet and the wall.
3. After the main cabinet is installed, put the washbasin in, adjust and lay it flat.
4. The installation method of side cabinet and rack is the same as the main cabinet.
5. Makeup mirror installation: perforate the wall according to the installation specifications of the back hole of the makeup mirror, install the expansion tube, and then screw the screw into the expansion tube to a suitable depth
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