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Stainless steel decorative trim
Stainless steel decorative trim

Stainless steel decorative trim Stainless steel tile trim Stainless steel celling trim

Stainless steel decorative trim can be seen on many occasions in our lives. Compared with other material lines, stainless steel lines have corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance , no discoloration, no fading, long service life, and good metal gloss , High-end decoration effects and other advantages, is the mainstream product of the current line decoration.


Therefore, the editor of Foshan kuanyu stainless steel will explain the advantages and uses of stainless steel trim.

Stainless steel lines are widely used in high-end decoration such as shopping malls, buildings, supermarkets, shops, high-end clubs, KTV, night clubs, indoor, kitchen, living room and other high-level floor decoration. Edge cut, fix, connect, transition, rely on and other decorative use.


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