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Stainless steel decorative trim
Stainless steel decorative trim

Stainless steel decorative trim can be seen on many occasions in our lives. Compared with other material lines, stainless steel lines have corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance , no discoloration, no fading, long service life, and good metal gloss , High-end decoration effects and other advantages, is the mainstream product of the current line decoration.

Therefore, the editor of Foshan kuanyu stainless steel will explain the advantages and uses of stainless steel trim.

Stainless steel lines are widely used in high-end decoration such as shopping malls, buildings, supermarkets, shops, high-end clubs, KTV, night clubs, indoor, kitchen, living room and other high-level floor decoration. Edge cut, fix, connect, transition, rely on and other decorative use.

On the one hand, the decorative lines play the role of cutting, making the furniture seamlessly connected with the wall; On the other hand, they play the role of decoration, highlighting the style and appearance of the furniture and enhancing its decorativeness.

The decorative lines are mainly used for mirror lines, various edge trimming, beading, door decorations, sofa background walls, stairs, ceilings, corner lines, etc. The appearance is flat line, carved corner line board, wire plate corner, etc.

The stainless steel line corners have smooth arc surfaces and straight lines, which can effectively ensure that the wrapping edges are straight and straight, making the decorative corners more three-dimensional. The stainless steel line has stable performance, is not affected by any climatic conditions, has excellent collision resistance, and can be decorated to an ideal angle according to the design requirements.

As we all know, the furniture and decoration of business places such as high-end clubs, KTVs, and bars, in addition to being atmospheric and beautiful, quality is more important. To put it bluntly, it is necessary to withstand bumps and bumps. People coming and going will inevitably bump, so most of the furniture of KTV and bars are made of stainless steel. Why is stainless steel furniture so popular with KTV and bars、these businesses?

In terms of space modeling, simple straight lines are used to express the simplicity of Chinese style. In terms of color, the use of soft neutral colors gives people a feeling of elegance, warmth and natural elegance. In terms of materials, the use of stainless steel decorative lines, wallpaper, glass tiles, etc., blends traditional charm with modern comfort.

In many decorations, if you want to reflect the noble and gorgeous.In addition to the choice of building materials and the design of the space, the role of stainless steel decorative lines in color must also be very particular.

Because color can directly affect people's mood and mental state through their eyes, in order to attract more customers to visit the hotel as much as possible, it is necessary to find a way to provide customers with a natural and comfortable environment, so the color design is also particularly important.

Therefore, many hotel decoration will use stainless steel decorative strips.Welcome to contact us!

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