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How to cut stainless steel decorative strip without discoloration


Stainless steel decorative strip cutting does not change color-stainless steel decorative processing: if the method is not suitable when cutting the stainless steel decorative strip, the stainless steel decorative strip is easy to blacken and change color near the edge of the cut, and the stainless steel decorative strip includes many such as stainless steel skirting , Stainless steel ceiling wire, stainless steel edging, stainless steel closing, etc., then how can the stainless steel decorative strip not cut black?

Depends on the master's craftsmanship, first look at the reason for blackening. The hand grinder must be correct. The speed must be fast and accurate. It can be cut without grinding and grinding. Once the knife is finished, the burr is OK. The cutting machine is slow. I don’t need a cutting machine anymore, the sand board can still be polished, and the color board is black.
The edge of the wooden floor that is in contact with the wall or the cabinet can not be exposed directly. The back of the stainless steel is fixed with glass glue on the wall, the stainless steel is pressed on the glass, and then the glass is used to close the glass. 1, but the glass nail regulations 2. The glass glue is bonded, and the place near the wall is generally blocked by the baseboard. If it is a place where the cabinet, sliding door, and floor-to-ceiling window are fixed, there is no place to fix the baseboard. Finished, the buckle is made of aluminum alloy, pure aluminum, stainless steel, whichever is fine.

Mainly used for decoration, can be used in hotel decoration, KTV nightclubs, elevators, furniture, security doors, aerospace equipment, lighting, architectural decoration and so on. Attention should also be paid to some matters during installation. Try to avoid construction in rainy or high-humid weather, and water is forbidden; in the initial use, you can try it in a small area, if the effect is good, then use it in a large area; no transparent film layer of the fingerprint board It is susceptible to high temperature, so it should be avoided construction of fire source. Because stainless steel is mainly used for architectural decoration projects, the ornamental appearance of its surface is particularly important. Therefore, when inspecting, it is necessary to carefully check and observe the surface, whether there are defects such as color difference, uniform coloring, good color, scratches, trachoma, peeling water marks between the plates.
It can be seen that only by cutting the stainless steel decorative strip can the problem of this problem be reduced in the future use. In general, the professional stainless steel processing and installation personnel will be more familiar with the specific operation process, so if you want to make the stainless steel decorative Article, showing a better decorative effect, we must also invite professional staff to help complete related work.

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