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Seam Treatment Method Of Stainless Steel Decorative Line
Seam Treatment Method Of Stainless Steel Decorative Line

Stainless steel decorative strips are usually used when decorating homes or some public places. How to deal with the joints? There are certain skills in handling the seams and interfaces of stainless steel decorative strips. Otherwise, the handling is not good, it will affect the appearance, and it is not strong, easy to fall off, etc., which will affect the normal use in the future. Attention to the construction process of stainless steel decorative strips can ensure a more perfect construction.

Stainless steel metal decoration construction process:

(1) For the installation of the base frame of the frame, the installation process refers to the construction process of the wooden keel or light steel keel, and the verticality and flatness are repeatedly checked.

(2) Sealing the bottom plate and nailing the bottom plate. Generally, 5-12mm plywood is used. The construction method requirements are the same as that of ordinary wooden cover panels. But when the keel is a light steel keel or an angle steel keel, you must first drill a hole with an electric drill, and then fix the bottom plate on the keel with a self-tapping screw, and the screw head cannot be higher than the bottom plate surface.

(3) The stainless steel plate must be processed in the processing plant according to the design size and shape before installation. When there is a bottom plate, apply universal glue on the back of the bottom plate and the stainless steel plate respectively, and paste the pre-processed stainless steel plate on the bottom surface; when there is no bottom plate, fix the pre-processed stainless steel plate on the light steel keel with stainless steel screws Or directly welded to the keel.

(4) Edge-receiving treatment, the joints between the stainless steel plates or the internal and external corners are filled with sealant, and stainless steel grooves are pressed. To

As people's demands continue to increase, stainless steel decorative strips are used more and more, but in the specific construction process, there are not few places that should be paid attention to. The problem about the seams of stainless steel decorative strips is very common. The seams are handled properly, the connection is tight, beautiful and generous, and it is particularly easy to use, which can make the stainless steel decorative strips play a good role for a long time.

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