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Quality requirements for installation of stainless steel skirting

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Our company specializes in stainless steel tile decoration, tile edge trimming and tile decoration, etc. It has more than ten years of rich experience and is widely used in modern hotels, restaurants, stadiums, office buildings, private villas, hotel lobbies, home decorations , Etc. For more details, please contact us! Let's take a look at the quality requirements of stainless steel foot installation

1. The base plate of the stainless steel footboard should be nailed to the corner of the wall, the surface should be straight, and the installation should be firm. There should be no warping or wave-like conditions.

2. A pneumatic nailing gun is used to fix the base plate of the stainless steel footboard. If the nail is fixed with a nail, the nail cap must be flattened and driven into the board for 2-3mm, and no scars should be left on the board surface when nailing. The mouth on the board should be flat. During the inspection of the pull-through line, the deviation shall not be greater than 3mm, the rubbing shall be smooth, and the error shall not be greater than 1mm.

3. Bevel edge pressure bonding method is adopted for the joints of the base plates of stainless steel feet, and 45° bevel flat joints should be made at the bright and sunny corners of the wall, and they cannot be overlapped. The base plate of stainless steel feet must be perpendicular to the floor.

4. The moisture content of the stainless steel foot base plate should be controlled according to the natural moisture content of different areas, generally should not be greater than 18%, and the difference in the moisture content of the wood between the glue joints should not be greater than 1.5%.

5. The seam of the stainless steel decorative panel, the height difference at the interface is not greater than 0.5mm, the flatness is not greater than 0.5mm, and the joint width is not greater than 1mm.

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