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Process Flow Of Chemical Coloring Of Stainless Steel Trim


The chemical coloring process of stainless steel trim has the following coloring process: stainless steel products→mechanical polishing→cleaning→alkaline degreasing→cleaning→electrolytic polishing→cleaning→activation→cleaning→chemical coloring→coloring film curing treatment→cleaning→close→cleaning →drying→finished product.

The chemical coloring process of stainless steel trim is relatively complicated. One coloring process requires more than ten processes, which looks complicated, but in fact it is not that complicated. Specific implementation of the chemical coloring of stainless steel trim: the black coloring of stainless steel can be considered appropriate.

Use a solution consisting of manganese sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium dichromate, ammonium sulfate, sulfuric acid, etc., at a temperature of about 98°C, for 5-15 minutes, and chemical blackening . Manganese sulfate acts as a black agent, while potassium nitrate and potassium dichromate act as oxygenating agents. Ammonium sulfate undergoes a complexation effect in the solution to control the reaction speed. Sulfuric acid and boric acid are used to adjust the pH, thus coloring carry out.


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