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Kuanyu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., is a market leader in manufacturing the best Stainless Steel Edge Trim for several years. Spread over an area of 3000 sqm, the factory is equipped with all the latest technology and equipment like TRUMPF time laser cutting machine, CNC punch, CNC bending machine, V-groove machine, and punching & shearing machine. All these equipment help us to create the best quality equipment for our customers that last for many years to come. So, you get the true value for money and unbeatable performance. Visit our website to check out our wide range of Stainless Steel Edge products that we have in stock for you.
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  • jack 10:12 AM, Today
    Hello, dear sir/madam, welcome to our website! I’m jack,May we know which product you need?(Stainless steel U/L/T trim、Tile edge profile trim、Skirting、Non slip strips、Colored decorative pipe)?