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Pay Attention To The Selection Of Metal Coating On The Surface Of Stainless Steel Trim


If our stainless steel trim are required to be plated with other metal layers on the surface to improve their performance, then the following two factors must be considered when choosing a plated metal.

(1) Purpose of coating: The purpose of coating use should be considered first when selecting stainless steel strip coating metal. As a protective coating, the coated metal must have good corrosion resistance in the intended use environment, such as galvanizing steel parts under general atmospheric conditions, cadmium plating of parts under marine atmospheric conditions, and tin plating of canned food. . As a protective-decorative coating, the surface metal should have a beautiful appearance and long-lasting luster, such as the widely used chromium.

As a functional coating, the coating metal should have the required functions, such as silver or copper for conductive coating, chromium (hard chromium) or nickel for wear resistant coating, tin or tin-lead alloy for solderable coating, etc. Obviously, functionally plated components are also used in corrosive environments, so the corrosive behavior in their use environment should also be considered.  .

(2) Material compatibility: When choosing a coating metal or several metals with multiple coatings, the compatibility between the coating metal and the base metal, and several coating metals should also be considered, so that the coating on the surface of the stainless steel strips that are in contact with each other The potential is as close as possible to avoid large galvanic corrosion problems. In protective coatings, the cathodic protection provided by the coating on the base metal or the upper coating on the lower coating is often used.

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