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KUANYU STAINLESS Offer Wide Range of Stainless Steel Trim


Tile Trim, Stainless Steel Decorative Trim

KUANYU STAINLESS offers a diverse variety of trimming products in specific sizes, shapes, and grades of steel. In addition to this, our custom slicing offerings allow us to tailor our materials on your mission to make certain minimum wastage and a cultured end on every occasion. Our trim range consists of both inside and outside nook moulding as well as j-channel moulding and divide moulding. We're specialists in stainless steel, and can advocate, deliver, and custom reduce substances for a diverse range of construction initiatives. Our range extends to shelves, Tile Trim rods, fittings, trays, tubes, and piping.

We presents a complete range of Stainless Steel Decorative Trim with best and reliability that exceeds our clients’ expectancies, and combined with a stage of carrier this is 2nd to none. Our targets to provide an in depth product variety that's one of the maximum comprehensive within the industry and is devoted to continuing our push to end up a primary pressure within the distribution market for the destiny.

Our clients price us as producers of remarkable seen parts. Our strengths consist of reliability, flexibility and lots of years of experience in forming sheet-steel. We work precisely in step with your specifications, but we will additionally be glad to seek advice from you in technical matters on all aspects of chrome steel and aluminium.

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    Hello, dear sir/madam, welcome to our website! I’m jack,May we know which product you need?(Stainless steel U/L/T trim、Tile edge profile trim、Skirting、Non slip strips、Colored decorative pipe)?