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Large-effect Stainless Steel Decorative Trim

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Stainless steel has always been silver-white at first. In the 1970s, colored stainless steel was developed as a rookie material. It is used more and more in industrial and decorative applications, especially in hotel decoration.

It is often said that details are destined to success or failure, and stainless steel decorative trim are the important details. Simple U-shaped strips, complex European-style lines. Corner edging, mirror frame and door frame are all decorative moldings.

Made of stainless steel decorative line plates, ordinary stainless steel natural color brushed surface, mirror surface. There are commonly used color plates such as titanium gold, rose gold, bronze, black titanium, green bronze, red bronze, etc., and special colors can also be customized. The thickness can be from 0.5mm to 3mm, and the thickness of 1.0mm is most commonly used.

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