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Is it good to use stainless steel lines for the background wall? How is the effect?
Is it good to use stainless steel lines for the background wall? How is the effect?

The appearance of stainless steel lines for the background wall provides a broad stage for the development of building curtain walls.

stainless steel decorative panel metal curtain wall refers to the curtain wall of the curtain wall panel rookie is a stainless steel metal sheet. As a modern and colorful architectural curtain wall form, stainless steel panel has been widely promoted in the architectural curtain wall industry.

The appearance of stainless steel sheet metal curtain wall decoration has enriched the artistic expression of the curtain wall and improved the performance of the curtain wall. Only a correct understanding, understanding and reasonable selection of stainless steel decorative board materials can achieve the best use of materials, meet the functions, ensure the quality, fully display the effects of art and decoration.

Stainless steel decorative panel metal curtain wall decoration is a very impactful form of architectural curtain wall, the main reasons for its popularity are as follows:

Metal is a lightweight material, which reduces the load on the building structure and foundation, and provides a good choice for the exterior of high-rise buildings.

No matter it is handed over to you, transportation, installation, cleaning and other construction operations are easy to implement.

Stainless steel decorative panels have excellent processing performance, diversification of colors and good safety, can fully adapt to various complex designs, and can process various types of curved lines, giving architects a huge space for development and expansion The design space of the curtain wall designer.

This kind of metal design is highly adaptable. According to different appearance requirements, performance requirements and functional requirements, various types of color stainless steel plate metal curtain wall decoration effects can be designed to adapt to it.

The price of 316 stainless steel wire is convenient, labor-saving and material-saving. Use corners, ceramic tiles or stone without extra corners. The chamfering, ceramic tile and stone master can complete the installation simply and easily.

stainless steel lines make the decoration beautiful and bright. The curved surface of the corners is smooth and the lines are straight, which can effectively ensure that the corners of the wrapping are straight and make the corners of the decoration more three-dimensional.

The stainless steel line has stable performance, is not affected by any climatic conditions, has good anti-collision properties, and can post your ideal angle according to your decoration requirements.

The lines made of wooden materials in the past are easily damp, deformed and rot. And aluminum materials are easily damaged. The stainless steel decorative line overcomes this shortcoming. It has the luster and strength of metal, and it has the advantages of colorful and long-lasting color, that is, corrosion resistance, extrusion resistance, moisture resistance, deformation resistance, and color resistance. This is why it is becoming more and more popular in modern times. And the simple overall effect makes the decoration look more and more atmospheric.

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