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Is 304 thin wall stainless steel pipe DN20 rusty when used for water supply?
Is 304 thin wall stainless steel pipe DN20 rusty when used for water supply?

304 thin wall stainless steel pipe DN20 won't be rusty when used for water supply

Users who have more contact with stainless steel water pipes should know that the use of this type of water pipe is better than water pipes of other materials. It is this trend that more and more users are purchasing the water supply pipes and replacing old water pipes. All have given priority to buying this type of water pipe. However, as for some lay users, they may not be very familiar. Some users may even ask: Is the 304 thin-walled stainless steel pipe DN20 used for water supply rusty?

In fact, 304 stainless steel pipe DN20 has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and not easy to rust. It is installed and used in many areas because the surface of the pipe has a thin and dense Fu chromium oxide film, which can protect the pipe for its long-term use from rusting and corrosion, even if the pipe surface is damaged, this chromium-rich oxide film can be formed autonomously. Moreover, through experiments, it is concluded that 304 thin-walled stainless steel pipe DN20 can be used in soft water for up to 100 years.

In addition, there are some special tips that you need to know. That is, 304 thin-walled stainless steel pipe DN20 can be used as a water supply pipe, food equipment pipe, beer equipment pipe, steam equipment pipe use, and the use of needing sanitary equipment in all buildings within the mainland. And if in the seaside area, thin-walled 316l stainless steel tubing DN20 is recommended to use, which can be used better in terms of anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Why was the stainless steel pipe rusty when used in a water filtration plant?

To know the corrosion phenomenon of 304 stainless steel used in a water filtration plant, the water inside the pipe was analyzed, and the distribution of corrosion position, the shape of corrosion pit, and the corrosion morphology were observed. Besides, the potential of the corroded pipe in freshwater was measured. It was found that the crevice corrosion occurred not only near the welds but also at the base metal and the edge of the pipe, although the chloride ion concentration in the water was less than 30ppm. Manganese Oxide was observed on the inner surface of the pipe, which made the potential of the pipe higher than ER, CREV of 304 stainless steel and caused the corrosion of the pipe. Manganese Oxide was considered to result from oxidizing of Mn2+ in the water by chloric disinfectant. The shape of the corrosion pit and its corrosion morphology in this investigation are similar to those observed at the corrosion pit of MIC (microbiological induced corrosion) of stainless steels, which suggests that it is difficult to determine MIC from only the pitting shape and corrosion morphology.

In summary, 304 thin wall stainless steel pipe won't be rusty unless the microbiologically induced corrosion. Therefore, if you are looking for stainless steel pipe prices and want to customize the thin wall stainless steel pipe, the Kuanyu stainless steel Co., Ltd is here for you. Contact us by e-mail: [email protected]


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