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Introduce The Positioning Of Stainless Steel Trim
Introduce The Positioning Of Stainless Steel Trim

Stainless steel trim is no longer a strange product to everyone. It always appears in high-end places. It looks so luxurious and high-end at first glance. A beautiful product in front of people. First, the material is opened for positioning. When cutting the material, be sure to measure and reposition it, or reposition the sample when it is correct.

When positioning, you can use a pipe to block one side of the pipe, and then clamp the pipe with pliers or clamps to complete the positioning. When opening materials of the same specification, you only need to place one end of the opening material on the side of the positioning tube to ensure that each strip has the same size.

Second, welding cell positioning.

When welding each cell, you can first laser a cell inner frame and outer frame, the size is one millimeter larger than the measured size, so that there is room for the tube to be put in.

Place the tube in the frame of the laser before welding.

This can ensure that the outer and inner dimensions of each cell are consistent. This belongs to the positioning of the mold. Many steel trim need to be laser molds and then positioned. This is more accurate.

Third, the frame positioning. When welding, the frame must be positioned properly.

When the frame of any stainless steel trim is welded, the middle will be arched due to the force at both ends, and the middle size will be larger than the two ends. At this time, the long frame of the frame can be welded to a large tube, and one frame can be fixed, and then the other end can be firmly clamped with a positioning clip to ensure the size of the outer frame before welding and splicing. Finally, when the steel bar is deformed, positioning and shape correction should be carried out. For example, when the laser-enclosed steel trim is twisted, the laser-enclosed steel bar must be fixed on a horizontal surface, and then clamped and fixed with a clamp. The clamp will be loosened after two days , So you can get back to its original shape.

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