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Installation And Fixing Method Of Stainless Steel Decorative Lines
Installation And Fixing Method Of Stainless Steel Decorative Lines

First use round nails to fix a wooden lining strip at the closing position. The width and thickness of the wooden lining strip are slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the stainless steel. The concave needs to be under the groove, and the lines are covered with glass glue or silica gel to be embedded in the groove, and the convex needs to be under the wooden bar to buckle the stainless steel line. Then apply epoxy resin glue (universal glue) on the wooden lining strip, and apply epoxy resin in the stainless steel strip groove, and then clamp the line on the wooden lining strip.

The installation of the stainless steel line on the top surface firstly depends on whether it is an inner concave line or an outer convex line. The inner concave requires a groove under the metal strip, and the outer convex requires the lower wooden bar to buckle the metal strip. All the wood foundations are grooved, and then the stainless steel lines are glued to stand on the wood foundation.

The stainless steel strip on the top is generally more than 25MM wide, because the processing factory is easy to bend into C shape, the wood union adds a circle of density board or wood board on the top gypsum board ceiling, so the width of the stainless steel edge should not be too narrow , Otherwise it will be very laborious to open the wooden strips. After ordering a circle of wood board on the ceiling, the stainless steel strip is glued with glass glue. Use textured paper to help fix 24 novels. Stainless steel lines are widely used in today's interior decoration. Although the installation seems relatively simple, if you do not grasp the details, not only the desired effect will not be achieved after the installation is completed, but it may also affect the beauty of the interior decoration.

The surface of the stainless steel line groove is generally pasted with a protective layer of plastic tape. The plastic tape should be torn off from the stainless steel line groove after the finish construction. If there is no protective layer of plastic tape on the surface of the line groove, a layer must be attached before construction to avoid damage to the line surface during construction.

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