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How to cut indoor stainless steel decorative strips?


The stainless steel lines used for interior decoration are mainly background wall decoration strips, and design dividing line decoration strips, background plate decoration strips, edge decoration strips dao, edging decoration strips, and decorative accessories such as ceiling decoration, furniture, doors, etc.; Suitable for stainless steel decorative lines, mainly stainless steel color plate sheet metal U-shaped embedded decorative strips, T-shaped embedded decorative strips, hollow or solid stainless steel lines; specifications are generally expressed according to the width of the display panel, such as U10, T8\T20 , 5*10 (hollow solid solid stainless steel profile 10 is the decorative surface); wide installation, stainless steel decorative lines have specifications of 5, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40mm, etc. It is understood as the main data of size, of course, including data such as depth; for half of the construction process, embedded is mainly slotted, glued, and embedded. The paste type is directly using adhesive to clean the working surface with standardized trajectory Paste on; Paste-type stainless steel decorative strips are more restrictive, cost is proportional to quality and durability, the current maturity is not high or expensive;
Therefore, the mainstream construction method is still slotting on the decorative carrier (some slots are free of slotting, such as not long service life, and the adhesive surface is easy to combine with glue), linear slotting machine operation, dust removal, glue application, embedded cutting length The stainless steel decorative lines with appropriate corners can be cured after the glue is solidified.

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