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How To Place The Stainless Steel trim On The Ceiling!


The location of the restaurant’s stainless steel trim makes food a priority for the people, and the location of the restaurant occupies an important position in the family. The location of the restaurant should be light, bright and calm, and it is recommended to be located in the east of the residence. Because the east is auspicious in Feng Shui, and the east is wood, this direction is facing the sun, full of vigor and vitality, and is good for health.

Eating here can bring in fresh air and auspicious air; secondly, the southeast and south of the residence are the land of wood and fire. The sun is strong, which is good for health, and it can make the mood happy. If you are in a good mood, you will have a strong appetite and sunshine and purple. This position is the direction of dining and auspiciousness. When eating in this position, people and wealth are prosperous, and family traditions are prosperous. It is not suitable to set up restaurants in the north and west of the residence, because the west and north are cold and cold places, and the ancients It is believed that the warm air in the southeast can nourish people, and the air in the northwest can hurt people. Therefore, long-term exposure to this is harmful to health and fortune. In addition, the cold and cold places tend to make the mood dull and negative, lacking vitality, and naturally not prosperous. appetite.

In addition to the above-mentioned fixed positions, it is recommended to place the restaurant from a more professional Feng Shui layout. This requires on-site compass orientation to determine the distribution of good and bad stars, and the restaurant should be placed on the lucky stars. Taboo: The restaurant pays attention to convenient eating, it is better to be similar to the kitchen, but the restaurant and the kitchen should not be mixed, because the kitchen has a lot of fume and pollution will spread to the restaurant, and family members and eaters will suffer health damage.

The dining room should not be co-located with the living room. Residues on the dining table often pollute the luxury of the living room. The restaurant should be tidy and hygienic, the layout of the restaurant should be simple and clean, and there should be no mess or too many decorations. After all, you can only enjoy your meal if you are immersed in a warm and quiet mood and not being touched by foreign objects.

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