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How To Install Stainless Steel Tile Trim On The Ceiling?
How To Install Stainless Steel Tile Trim On The Ceiling?

The choice of home decoration on the ceiling is very important. You want to choose Stainless Steel Tile Trim for ceiling decoration but you don’t know how to install? Let us help you! Stainless Steel Tile Trim is commonly used in ceiling decoration. The color is rich in metallic texture, and it is indeed more effective for local embellishment. In terms of installation, there are generally two types: Flat strip or U-shaped tile trim.

Generally, the ceiling of stainless steel tile trim is to leave a groove on the top surface and then glue the metal strip with glue. Of course, the groove must be left just suitable so that there is an interaction force with the metal strip. At the same time, the top surface should be smaller than the metal strip, and the metal strip should be clipped at the end. Generally, the metal strips on the top surface are relatively thin and the protruding height is not high.

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