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How to customize stainless steel tile trim strip?
How to customize stainless steel tile trim strip?

As we all know, Stainless steel decoration are mainly divided into Stainless steel U shaped trim strip, Stainless steel L shaped trim strip, C shaped Stainless steel trim strip, Stainless steel T shaped trim strip, Stainless steel tile trim, stainless steel stair nosing and Stainless steel skirting board. But do you know how to customize exact style of stainless trim strip?
Now let's find out. Customize stainless steel trim strip, we need to provide material, thickness, board surface, color, section size, length of each piece, the shape of the products you need, etc. Then let’s take stainless steel U shaped trim strip for example.
Specification and size:
1. The height of both sides of the standard U-groove is equal, and the middle width is the same from top to bottom.The sizes are usually 5*5*5, 8*8*8, 10*10*10, 12*12*12, 15*15*15, 20*20*20, 5*10*5, 5*20*5, etc. which can be customized according to customers' needs.Small size U slots are generally used as decorative strips for engineering decoration.The large size U slot is also used for clamping slot and guide rail.
2. Abnormal-shaped U slot is a u-shaped slot with internal empty image except the standard U-shaped slot. Its shape and size are different according to the actual needs. It is mainly used as a slot for positioning, such as picture frame, hollow screen frame, shower room guide rail, etc. It can be customized according to the actual needs of glass, wood and other inter-layer.

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