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How to control the deformation when dealing with the surface of stainless steel pipe for decoration
How to control the deformation when dealing with the surface of stainless steel pipe for decoration

Under the general condition, it will not get rusty if you normally use and clean the stainless steel pipe for decoration. But if it is wrongly used or maintained, or under bad circumstances, the stainless steel decorative trim will get rusty. When there is rust on the surface of the stainless pipe, it can get confirmed it is an indication of rust.

Why can stainless steel 304 pipes get rusty?

Firstly, the main component of stainless steel is iron. Apart from iron, it includes metal components like chromium, nickel, copper, etc. The elements of Cr and Ni possess the functions of antioxidant and corrosion-resistant and form a layer of protective film on the surface of stainless steel pipes to avoid them get rusty.

Under the general circumstance, only is the protective film not broken by the chemicals of the acid, base, or salt nature or polluted by impurities, the stainless steel will not get rusty.


  1. Stainless steel seamless pipe products, please keep the pipe surface dry and wipe water stains, oil after cleaning.

2.Don't use the acid, alkaline detergent to clean stainless steel welded pipe, and use the natural detergent with a dry cloth to clean.

With the rapid development of society, the demand for stainless steel is more and more widespread. And the stainless steel decorative trim pipe is also favored by the majority of users. From the view of the security window, stair railing, and protective fence, we can see the stainless steel decorative trim at any time and place.

However, many consumers think that the stainless steel decorative trim can not get rusty, which is not true because the stainless steel decorative trim will get corrosion if it is not suitably dealt with.

What is improper, it has a great relationship with the environment, such as external wall cleaning, stainless steel decoration pipe interior cleaning with sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid, porcelain brighteners, detergent, and daily maintenance and use of acid and alkali in the process of cleaning (washing powder, detergent) is also prone to "floating" rust or the old spot.

As one of the most professional stainless steel pipe suppliers, we particularly remind numerous consumers not to use the acid and alkaline material to clean when scrubbing and maintaining the stainless steel decorative trim.


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