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How to choose the color of stainless steel baseboard

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Stainless steel skirting is still used in the decoration of today. Choose the appropriate color of stainless steel skirting and install it properly. It can not only protect the wall, but also shape the three-dimensional sense of the space. Some friends are using the skirting color The choice is more tangled. Our company is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of 201 304 316 stainless steel tile decoration, tile edge trimming and tile decoration. Let me explain to you how to choose the color of stainless steel skirting!
1. Refer to the ground color
If the home is a wooden floor, the color of the baseboard can be selected with reference to the floor, so that it is more visually unified, can give the floor a certain sense of extension, and looks wider. If the color of the baseboard cannot be consistent with the floor, then remember to choose a baseboard that is darker than the ground.
2. Same color as door and door sleeve
The skirting line and the door cover have the same color, which is suitable for small apartment decoration, which can keep the dividing line between the wall and the ground uniform, and can also extend the space visually. When you can choose the door, you can choose the color of the baseboard together so that you don’t have to worry about the color difference.
3. Use white skirting
White skirting is the most versatile one. Whether it is used in local or exaggerated color walls does not affect the overall style.
4. Refer to the main wall color
If a large area of ​​the home is painted with colored walls, you can refer to the color of the main wall when choosing the baseboard. This color connects with the wall and can play a very good visual extension effect. Skirting lines of the same color as the wall surface may be difficult to buy. Generally, the decorator will paint the skirting line with the wall surface.

5. Form color contrast
The use of baseboards with completely opposite colors to the floor or the ground to create a contrast effect through contrast can produce unexpected effects. But the contrast colors used generally echo the color of the elements on the walls, mirrors or cabinets, so that they don't appear obtrusive. Contrast colors not only highlight the gradation of colors, but also play the role of space division, but also appear clean and neat.
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