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How To Achieve High Precision When Cutting Stainless Steel strip?

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The size of the focused spot of the laser beam: the smaller the focused spot of the laser beam, the higher the accuracy of laser cutting, especially the smaller the slit, which can reach 0.01mm. The positioning accuracy of the worktable determines the repeatability of the laser cutting process. The higher the worktable accuracy, the higher the cutting accuracy. The greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy and the greater the slit. Since the laser beam is tapered, the slit is also tapered, and the thickness of 0.3mm material is much smaller than the slit of 2mm. The material of the workpiece has a certain influence on the laser cutting accuracy. In the same situation, the cutting accuracy of different materials of the plasma cutting machine is slightly different, even if it is the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting accuracy will be different. …

The solution to the overburning of the metal laser cutting machine when cutting carbon steel small holes: In carbon steel cutting with oxygen as the auxiliary gas, the key to the problem of stainless steel trim cutting is how to suppress the generation of oxidation reaction heat. It is possible to use auxiliary oxygen during perforation, and switch to auxiliary air or nitrogen to cut after the delay. This method can process small holes in 1/6 thick plates. The pulse cutting conditions of low frequency and high peak output power have the characteristics of reducing heat output, which helps to optimize the cutting conditions. Setting the conditions to a single pulse laser beam, high peak output with high energy intensity, and low frequency conditions can effectively reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process and effectively suppress heat output.

Focus position control technology. The smaller the focal depth of the focusing lens, the smaller the focal spot diameter, so it is very important to control the position of the focus relative to the surface of the material to be cut. Cutting perforation technology. Any kind of thermal cutting technology, except in a few cases, which can start from the edge of the board, generally a small hole must be drilled in the board. Earlier on the laser stamping compound machine, a punch was used to punch a hole, and then a laser was used to start cutting from the small hole. Nozzle design and air flow control technology. When laser cutting steel, oxygen and a focused laser beam are shot through the nozzle to the material to be cut, thereby forming an air stream. The basic requirement for air flow is that the air flow into the incision should be large and the speed should be high, so that sufficient oxidation can make the incision material fully carry out the exothermic reaction; at the same time, there is enough momentum to spray the molten material out.

The solution of the metal laser cutting machine in the cutting of aluminum alloy and stainless steel: In this type of material processing, the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen, and there will be no burnt edges during cutting. However, due to the high temperature of the material inside the small hole , The slagging phenomenon on the inside will be more frequent. An effective solution is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set the conditions to pulse conditions with high peak output and low frequency. When the auxiliary gas uses air, it is the same as when using nitrogen. It will not overburn, but it is easy to appear slag at the bottom. The conditions need to be set to high auxiliary gas pressure, high peak output, and low frequency pulse conditions.

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