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How much is the stainless steel edging strip per meter?
How much is the stainless steel edging strip per meter?

The stainless steel line of the wall panel also shows its specifications, the thicker the higher the price, so we should first understand how thick is more suitable. 1. The thickness of the stainless steel door cover is generally 0.6mm, and the thickness of the stainless steel door is generally 1.2-1.5mm. 2. The surface treatment of the stainless steel door cover: The surface treatment of the plate is also divided into two types: mirror and lasa. Mirror is generally not recommended for home decoration. Stainless steel and Lassa are better. 3. Door cover style: At present, there are two styles of stainless steel door cover. One is the vertical and horizontal sides with a 45-degree bump angle, and the other is the vertical and horizontal installation. The latter is recommended. One sometimes needs to weld the bump. 4. Maintenance: Stainless steel is easy to get fingerprints, which can be wiped off with a semi-dry rag.

How much is a meter of stainless steel lines is our first step in the decoration of stainless steel decorative lines. Only by approving a layer of ash on the grassroots level can the bullet line be cut more clearly. Lash line. Put down the line sinker at the sun angle, and use the vertical line as the reference, and make a vertical parallel line at half a meter on both sides. These two lines are the standard line of the sun angle. Everyone must pay attention to the direction and perpendicularity when doing this step, only in this way is meaningful. Brush putty. This step is very important in the process of decorating stainless steel moldings. In addition to straightening the corners first, we also need to use the L-shaped alloy to push in parallel with a ruler several times, so that the Yin and Yang angles will pass. an examination. After finishing the decoration of the stainless steel decorative lines, we need to check, such as whether the external corners are straight, whether there are errors, whether the anti-collision treatment is in place, etc.

The lines made of wooden materials in the past are easily damp, deformed and rot. And aluminum materials are easily damaged. The stainless steel decorative line overcomes this shortcoming. It has the luster and strength of metal, and it has the advantages of colorful and long-lasting color, that is, corrosion resistance, extrusion resistance, moisture resistance, deformation resistance, and color resistance. This is why it is becoming more and more popular in modern times. And the simple overall effect makes the decoration look more and more atmospheric.

Nowadays, the colorful stainless steel decorative lines are also very popular. Its brilliant colors are a very good decoration material. The decoration with it shows the elegant and luxurious quality of decoration. The color surface layer will not fade for a long time, and the color will change with the angle of light.

This also makes many hotels and clubs in China now adopt stainless steel decorative lines.

believe that in the near future, stainless steel decorative molding will lead the industry.

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