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Do You Know That Stainless Steel Decorative Trim Are Very Popular?


Today I will talk to you about a very popular decorative material in the past two years. It can be used in every space of the house, and it is particularly environmentally friendly. There are many colors for the owner to choose. This material is stainless steel trim.

In the past two years, light luxury decoration is particularly popular. One of the remarkable features of this decoration is that a large number of golden stainless steel trims are used in the house, which may be on the top or on the wall and cabinet door panels, giving people a feeling of wealth.

Stainless steel decorative trim are also widely used in bathrooms and kitchens. In these two spaces, stainless steel strips can be made into external corner protectors. The external corners of the kitchen and bathroom are relatively easy to break, because the tiles have been separated by 45 degrees. The corners can no longer withstand too much external force. The ceramic tiles at the external corners may be damaged if they are used for a long time. Putting a stainless steel strip on the external corners of the tiles can solve this problem.

Stainless steel strips also have a good use in the bathroom. Many owners like to make waist lines in the bathroom to increase the layering of the wall tiles, but the waist line will cost two extra fees. The first is to buy the tile waist line The cost of this is not cheap. Many waistlines and ceramic tiles are the same length and sell for dozens of dollars. The toilet costs a lot of money for a circle.

You need to spend extra money to find the waist line to be pasted by a master. Generally, the price of one meter of waist line on the market is the same as the price of one square tile. Calculated in this way, a lot of money will be spent on these two expenses alone. Now there is a good way to make waistline with stainless steel strips.


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