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Do you know how to install the stainless steel trim strip?
Do you know how to install the stainless steel trim strip?

Stainless steel trim strip is one of the materials often used in home decoration, which is used as the decoration of background wall or for closing treatment. Now I will tell you how to install the stainless steel line.

  1. First of all, we should prepare stainless steel decorative strip, select good lines, and make sure that the surface is free of scratches and bumps, and the size is correct.
  2. Check whether the base surface of the seam is fixed firmly and whether there is any unevenness at the seam and handle it well.
  3. The corresponding positions of various decorative lines shall be far away from people's horizon, or placed in an inconspicuous position inside. In particular, the interface is more obvious than the metal decorative line, and more attention should be paid to the matching position of the decorative line.
  4. First, fix a wood liner on the closing position with a round nail. The width and thickness of the wood liner are slightly smaller than the inner diameter of stainless steel.
  5. Then apply epoxy resin glue (universal glue) on the wood lining strip, and apply epoxy resin in the stainless steel groove, and then install the line on the wood lining strip.
  6. Generally, a protective layer of plastic tape is pasted on the surface of stainless steel line groove, which shall be torn off from the stainless steel line groove after finishing construction. If there is no protective layer of plastic tape on the surface of line groove, a layer shall be pasted before construction to avoid damaging the line surface during construction.

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