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Do you know how to classify Stainless steel decorative trim strip by surface effect?(二)
Do you know how to classify Stainless steel decorative trim strip by surface effect?(二)

4.Color stainless steel composite process board
According to the process requirements, various processes such as polishing hair lines, coating, etching, sandblasting, etc. are concentrated on the same plate surface for combined processing. Then plating and coloring.
5. Color stainless steel and checkerboard
No matter with the grain board, or drawing board, etc. all belong to one of the frosted boards, but the surface state of these boards is not the same, so the statement is not the same.
6. Color stainless steel etching plate
The color stainless steel etching plate is to etch various patterns on the surface of the object by chemical methods. Take 8K mirror panel or wire drawing plate as the bottom plate, after etching treatment, deep processing can be carried out on the surface of the object, and various complex process processing can be carried out, such as local harmony pattern, wire drawing, inlay gold, local titanium gold, etc., so as to achieve the effect of bright and dark patterns and gorgeous colors.

Besides, we can also sort color stainless steel trim plate or strip by color.
Black gold (black titanium), sapphire blue, titanium gold, coffee, tea, purple red, bronze, rose gold, titanium white, emerald green, green, champagne gold, bronze, zircon gold, brown, rose gold, etc.

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