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Detailed Explanation Of Stainless Steel Decorative Molding Installation Method And Stainless Steel Ceiling Installation Process

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Stainless steel lines are mainly used between various structures in the room, between various decorative surfaces, between various decorative materials and between materials on the same surface. Such lines are used for decoration at interfaces and seams. Using lines to decorate these parts is a key process in the connection and recovery of decoration.

Installation preparation

Stainless steel wire installers must make prepara tions before installing the stainless steel wire. This is a very critical and important step: first carry out a strict inspection of the stainless steel wire. There must be no scratches and bumps on the surface of the metal decorative line, and the size must be accurate.

Basic inspection points of the docking place

  1. Check whether the base surface is firmly fixed, and whether there is unevenness in the seam, find out the cause of the uneven base surface, and reinforce and correct it in time.
  2. The 304 lines of various stainless steel pipes are properly installed in their own counterparts;

The interface should be far away from people's eye level and placed in an inconspicuous place indoors. Especially the stainless steel lines with very obvious interfaces, it should be noted that the alignment of the lines is just right.

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