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Construction method and technical measures for installation of stainless steel kicks

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We are a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production and development of 201 304 316 stainless steel tile decoration, tile edge trimming and tile decoration, etc., in modern hotels, restaurants, gyms, office buildings, private villas, hotel lobbies, home decoration, etc. For a wide range of applications, let us introduce the construction methods and technical measures of stainless steel kick installation from a professional perspective.

1) In the position where the baseboard of the skirting board is installed in the wall, drive the wooden wedge every 400 mm. Before installation, first bounce the control wire to the wall surface according to the design elevation, so that the upper and lower legs of the stainless steel foot plate coincide with the elevation control wire.

2) Install wooden bead or corner rounded wooden bar at the corner of stainless steel foot plate and ground.

3) The joint of the base plate of the stainless steel foot plate should be doweled or sloped, and at a 90° corner, a 45° beveled joint should be made.

4) Brush the water and asphalt preservative on the back of the stainless steel feet. When installing, the base plate of the stainless steel footboard should be closely attached to the vertical wall, the upper mouth should be straight, and the nail connection should be firm. Use a pneumatic nail gun to directly nail to the wooden wedge. If nailing is used, the nail cap should be flattened and punched. 5m。 Into the board 2-3mm, the length of the nail is 2.0-2.5 times the thickness of the board, and the spacing should not be greater than 1. 5m.

5) Stainless steel finish work shall be carried out after all indoor construction is completed. The surface protection film is torn before completion. When the matt stainless steel decorative panel is bonded to the base plate, it should be cemented with a spacing of <300mm, and the interface should be flattened with a bead.

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