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Coloring Process Of Stainless Steel Decorative Strip

  1. Vacuum plating rose gold stainless steel strip
  2. Chemical water plating rose gold stainless steel strip, etc.

Stainless steel strip divide our little home into a poetic, emotional and warm harbor.

In our real life, although not as beautiful as in fairy tales, we can create a warm home of our own with our hands. Choose a stainless steel strip that you like and be creative, and divide our little home into a poetic, emotional and warm harbor.

Stainless steel bars are more common in the homes of some more modern young people and artists. The coldness it exhibits and the color of its material itself are very modern. However, while choosing decoration and steel bars according to the room style, as an ordinary family, we have to consider the budget. Choosing stainless steel strip is undoubtedly your best choice. Stainless steel strip are economical and affordable, and have a long service life. And there are various styles of stainless steel strip, which can fully satisfy your creative choices.

Although stainless steel strip are good, daily maintenance and maintenance are essential. In our daily life, we must try to avoid the surface being hit by hard objects to avoid scratches and dents. Normal cleaning can only be done with a soft wipe, not with hard or alkaline cleaning fluid.

Stainless steel strip processing is divided into: stainless steel laser hollow steel trim and stainless steel trim and polishing steel strip.

  1. Stainless steel laser hollow steel stripprocess: After surface treatment, vacuum electroplating stainless steel strip, then laser hollow steel strip, laser hollow cut steel strip, cut the hollow steel stripby large laser cutting machine to obtain a certain pattern, and then after surface treatment, vacuum Electroplating coloring.
  2. Process of stainless steel trimand polishing processing steel strip: After surface treatment, it is processed into a tube or plate. Then welding and polishing, vacuum plating rose gold, welding and polishing processing steel strip, processing and forming with tube or plate, after surface treatment. Then Welding and polishing, vacuum plating and coloring. Kuanyu Stainless Steel trim Factory is a large-scale professional stainless steel trim processing factory. The factory adopts advanced processing equipment. The processing range includes: electroplating (vacuum plating), water plating, etching, embossing, cutting, folding, planing, bending, welding, polishing Wait. The main products include: stainless steel trim, stainless steel doors and windows, stainless steel hollows, stainless steel engineering columns, stainless steel Bogu overall staircase guardrails, stainless steel hollows, metal embossed wall decorations, stainless steel decorative products, etc., to provide customers with a series of beautifully designed and unique stainless steel decorations product.
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