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Briefly Describe The Types And Uses Of Stainless Steel Wire Manufacturers!

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Stainless steel decorative lines can be divided into seven categories: stainless steel trim are used in a wide range of interior decoration projects, mainly in the following aspects: ceiling line-the edge sealing of the junction of different levels on the ceiling, and different material surfaces on the ceiling Sealing of the butt joints, the molding line on the ceiling plane, and the edge sealing of the equipment on the ceiling. Ceiling corner line-sealing edge at the junction of ceiling and wall, ceiling and column.

Wall line-edge sealing of the junctions of different levels of surfaces on the wall, sealing of the butt joints of different material surfaces on the wall, wall skirt pressing, skirting board pressing, equipment edge sealing and decorative edges, wall finishing materials Line, wall decoration molding line. Shaped body, decorative partition wall; closing line and decorative line on the screen. As well as the finishing line on various furniture.

Stainless steel wire specifications There are many varieties of stainless steel wires, which are divided into hard mixed stainless steel wires, imported foreign mixed stainless steel wires, white stainless steel wires, white stainless steel wires, ash stainless steel wires, camphor stainless steel wires, Walnut stainless steel wire and grapefruit stainless steel wire, etc. From the functional point of view, there are: crimping line, pillar corner line, crimping line, corner line, wall waist line, topping line, covering line, edge banding line, mirror frame line, etc.

From the appearance, there are: semicircular line, right angle line, bevel line, nail line, etc.; from the style, there are: convex type, concave type, convex-concave combined type, grooved type, etc. Stainless steel wire specifications refer to the largest width and the largest height. The common length of various stainless steel wires is 2-5m.

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