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Analysis On The Classification Of Stainless Steel Lines Used In Home Decoration!

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To determine the actual housing of the high-end ethnic group, the builder expects that there will be a space standard. Therefore, in this case, it can be noticed that the wall does not have too many cabinets or decoration plans, but makes good use of diversified quality materials. , To interpret the common demeanor of each field, and extend the same elements to the custom furniture and private categories, and successfully shape the natural and harmonious modern humanistic beauty, so that people can fully feel the texture of the day when they step into the room. And taste.

In order to show the sense of open space, the public area adopts an open format plan, through the ceiling, half-height TV wall and furniture, quietly suggesting the transformation of the field function, and in the details, through the continuity of lines and raw materials. , The expressions of the sky and the wall, the ground and the wall are wonderfully connected, like a stone TV wall extending downwards and becoming an elevated floor for the tea making area; the cut lines of the bookshelf on the side extend upward to correspond to the shape of the ceiling, so that the whole Vision strikes while the iron is hot. The back wall of the sofa is made of irregular collages of thin stone pieces of three thicknesses, partly inlaid with stainless steel decorative lines, and embedded with artistic paintings, showing a cool visual effect.

Use old wood materials to pave the wall, deploy stainless steel lines for decoration, and simply place artworks on the low cabinets to create a dazzling welcome scene. On the right side, a suspended display frame is used to create a screen image, quietly delimiting the internal and external fields. The interior planning of Caiyun uses a half-height stone TV wall to define the field and extends down to the elevated floor. The stainless steel tea table is deployed to create a comfortable and relaxing tea making area. The warm and moist wood tone becomes the background color of the restaurant area, and the soft and yellow lights are combined to create a natural and warm dining environment. The planner specially ordered the metal-shaped lamps, and the cut lines are also continuous from the walls and the lines of the bookcase, allowing all planning elements to be taken care of.

The cut lines of the bookcase extend upward to the shape of the ceiling, which wonderfully connects the expressions of the sky and the wall. With wood veneer and stainless steel lines, a whole bookcase is created, and the irregular shapes bring vivid and interesting visual touch. The builders expect the space to be standard, so the bedside wall is designed with a half-height plan to make the space more open and expandable. Behind the bedside wall is the dressing area, the same continuous veneer and stainless steel fence elements, outline the smell of modern humanity. The same continuous cutting concept, black stainless steel lines are outlined on the wall coverings, creating the theme of the space.

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