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Analysis On The Characteristics, Use And Production Process Of Stainless Steel Lines!


Features of stainless steel lines: stainless steel lines are environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and weather-resistant. The surface is as smooth as a mirror and is a high-end decorative material.

Uses: Stainless steel lines can be used in various places such as star hotels, high-end clubs, Grade A office buildings, villas, sales offices and so on. Production process: PVD vacuum nano electroplating is used for stainless steel lines. Common colors are: rose gold, bronze, titanium, black titanium, champagne gold, gold, etc.

Material: 201/304/316. Cutting board: Cut as long and wide as required or according to drawings. Grooving: Grooving is a kind of scoring and grooving at the position where the stainless steel plate needs to be bent with a groover. Bending: Then bend the shape you need, T-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped, special-shaped and other processing. The curved surface of the lines is smooth and the shapes are beautiful and diverse. Fanghua stainless steel can meet all kinds of complicated production.

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